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Inclusive Multisport for All is an Erasmus+ Sport project conceived by two Triathlon sports organizations based in Italy (Thermae Sport) and Portugal (GoApe-Multisport Portugal) to expand their field of activity and collaboration in the European context. The main objective of the project is to insert a greater number of people among the practitioners of Multisport, making manifest the benefits for well-being and education in general, in particular for primary school age group children and for the disadvantaged people. The project intends to give the opportunity to learn and practice Multisport activities to very young people and to people with physical, economic, cultural and social difficulties. The basic concepts of the project are in fact INCLUSION and DIVERSITY. The objectives of the project are: to enhance the practice of Multisport as an important vehicle for bringing people who do not practice it closer to sport; emphasize the importance of multisport and multilateralism for sporting activities and for the benefits they bring to people's health; to bring people with physical, economic, cultural and social difficulties to practice multisport activities for educational purposes; create innovative sporting events with the simultaneous participation of multisport athletes and disadvantaged people. The proposed activities are:
- carrying out studies with analysis of the current situation in Padua and Coimbra regarding the sporting practice of school-age children and people with difficulties;
- organization of public meetings and seminars to present the results of studies carried out;
- carrying out mobility of researchers and technicians of sports clubs and local Federations to get to know foreign realities and import any good practices;
-organization of sporting events with the simultaneous participation of primary school children, multisport elite athletes and people with various kinds of difficulties.

Logo PDNTRI THERMAE SPORT associazioneThermae Sport Pdntri is an amateur sports association that has been active in Italy since 2001, first with the name of Padovanuoto Triathlon and from 2019 with the new name. It has always dealt with Multisport, and in particular with triathlon and swimming. It has a youth sector within it, including children and teenagers aged 6 to 18, as well as an adult sector and a paratriathlon sector. Some of the best Italian triathletes have grown up in his triathlon school: the Olympian Alessandro Fabian is an example for everyone (London 2012, Rio de Janeiro 2016). It had in his team
in the past some disabled athletes (paratriathlon) and currently has in his staff an athlete with an important history of disability behind him, Bernardo Bernardini, member of the athletes commission of the Italian Triathlon Federation.

Logo Multisport associazioneGoApe - Multisport Portugal is an organization that develops multi-sport activities and events, with the main focus on Triathlon. Its headquarters is located in Coimbra, however it carries out these same activities throughout the country including some international events in its portfolio. The realization of this project will strengthen its action in the promotion of physical activity and sport and associated values as well as promoting active citizenship together with the other European partners.Furthermore, and given the start of its work internationally, GoApe sees this project as an opportunity to share best practices and to empower human resources to promote multi-sport activities for all ages and all spectrums of society, namely people with special educational needs, people with disabilities and fewer opportunities.